Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cacti Plugins > Devices

It's been more than 36 hrs after my first post in this blog. For the past two months now, I'm working with Cacti Network Monitoring System as my new job in a company. The system is in dry-run phase now and still working with useful plugins for added functionality.

Apart from the other plugins such as spikekill, threshold, monitor, ip subnet, realtime, etc which are already in placed in my system, I came across with the Devices plugin. This plugin will use the existing cacti database under Console > Devices. The plugin is a read-only access to the devices and when clicked, it went to Graphs > Preview Mode rather than "Edit host" when clicked from Console > Devices. This will also beneficial if you want selected users to view the list of devices without manipulating the configuration.

The only lacking feature I've noticed is I can't click the 'status' header of the list to sort as what I usually did on Console > Devices, though it has a drop-down filter to display the specific status.

Install this plugin like any other cacti plugins (I will post a step-by-step guide for new users like me... soon)

Info and downloads from can be found here

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